Capt. Matt's Mission

Everyone handles the ocean differently. Some never have a problem while others just cant shake it. I recommend using a non drowsy dramamine for this. Nobody wants to fall asleep and miss out on catching the big one! the boat will only fish offshore in very mild conditions which should not effect those who are sensitive.

Its very easy to fall back to the beautiful and timeless Loxahatchee river. There are tons of fish, channels and sandbars that need to be understood to navigate safely, animal spotting in Johnathan Dickinson State Park and so much more to be done! There's no disappointment in spending a day on our historic river system!

Pack a lunch if needed, sunscreen 30+, protective clothing ie. hat, long sleeve shirt, boat shoes, polarized sunglasses. 

what will you need?

"My goal is to educate your child not only about fishing but, ethics on the water, rules of the road, navigation of local waterways, weather, emergency procedures on the ocean, docking, and much more. This program will give them a jump to becoming great fishermen, safe boaters and environmentally conscious!"
"I don't like to call this a Camp; this is an Academy because its about an educational adventure."

"this is going to be a learning experience with fun and adventure packed in, something that will not soon to be forgotten."

Jupiter Fishing Academy Proudly uses Savage Gear fishing tackle!

In order to make the experience for everyone enjoyable and safe, we are limited to a maximum of 6 students no exceptions! reserve your seat asap!

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"There are so many other variables that pertain to fishing and fishing is so much more than dropping a line into the water but everything starts with safety, the most important part of our program!"

SEa sickness?

What if the ocean is rough?

Contact: 561-262-1056

the boat

private sessions

The boat is a  2021 25' Keywest Bayreef. 

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Ages are 8 and up. Weekly adventures BEGIN JUNE 1st and run through the entire Summer break; Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of each week. We will meet on the dock at 8AM and will return at 12:30PM. Price is $550.00 per week per student and is required Monday morning.



Private learning sessions and charters are available upon request and reservations must be made in advance to guarantee good weather and availability.